Welcome to Pull & Save Auto Parts.  People come her for a variety of reasons.  Some to support their racing fetish or restoration projects, others, to repair family transportation without breaking the bank.  Whatever your reason, we would like your association with us to be rewarding.  To that end, we have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts.  Each item on the list has been carefully scrutinized so as to not offend or cause any dissatisfaction for you, while accomplishing our goals of maintaining a safe, environmentally sound, and pleasant working atmosphere for you, the customer next to you and our employees.

  1. Do be safe
  • Do not lift any vehicle off the vehicle stands
  • Watch for heavy equipment
  • Be aware of your surrounding
  1. Do not bring your dog
  • Your best friend does not know people don’t always pay attention to where they are walking or lying down.
  • Not everyone knows your dog is gentle
  1. Do not leave your children unattended in the lobby
  • They often become frightened in your absence
  1. Do use our wheelbarrows and hoists
  • Bring them back to the building when you are done
  • Do pull the parts you need. 
  • With few exceptions, most parts can be retrieved safely.  Those that can not be pulled safely, are not for sale.
  • We drain as much of the fluids as possible, but it’s your responsibility to not spill fluids on the ground and clean your area when finished.  Oil pads are available for the asking.
  • Do take advantage of our 30 day warranty.  It’s Free and it’s easy.
  • Have your part marked.  No mark – No warranty.  The cashier will generally mark your part as it is rung up, but if you want a warranty, the responsibility is yours.
  • The original sales receipt must accompany the returned item.
  • The part must be returned within 30 days of purchase.
  1. Do bring cordless impact guns
  • Due to the risk of fire and / or the possibility that a vehicle will become unstable as a result of a body cut, no torches or power cutting tools are allowed.
  1. Do not bring alcohol.
  • If you appear to be under the influence of a substance, you will not be allowed in the yard.
Trevor Spalding